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Disability/Senior Rights Philosophy and Oral Health


We are an organization looking for individuals to help in the oral care of elderly and disabled individuals in nursing homes or small group settings.The care of the oral cavity is the most overlooked aspect of care in these facilities and very important for the health and well being for every individual, regardless of ability/age. 

Disability rights philsophy is built on a belief in the right of every individual to make decisions that impact his or her well being and to access tools that facilitate the achievement of overall happiness/health. Unfortunately, systems that assist in this access are imperfect, including Medicare, which does not cover regular dental care. Our goal is to create networks of volunteers that would advocate for and track the oral health of individuals in group settings. Such work would include:

-Checking in with the individual and his or her caretakers to ensure that the basics of oral health, such as brushing one's teeth, are being taken care of regularly and attending to those needs if necessary.

-Educating individuals and caretakers on the importance of regular oral hygiene for the prevention of disease and the maintenance of good health.

-Providing tools for the maintenance of oral health supplied by OCA, including toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, etc. 

-OCA will  advocate for the addition of oral healthcare to Medicare, in the hope of expanding our mission to all who recieve these benefits. While advocating for the oral health of those who reside in nusing homes, we will also advocate for the passage of legislation such as the Community Choice Act, which would allow Medicare funds to be used for in-home care. This would allow many people to remain where they are most comfortable, rather then being placed in a nursing facility.

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